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As documented in her autobiography Storm Chaser, Jayda has encountered many of life's storms yet her unshakable faith and resilient spirit have helped her to always find joy and peace in the midst of it all.  From being a homeless single mother of four children to jail to overcoming abuse, family addiction, and broken relationships, Jayda's story empowers others to turn their pain into purpose. Jayda's honest, funny, and personal speaking style has made her an audience favorite for ministry and speaking events. Complete the form below to book Jayda for your next event. 


  • Turning Your Pain into Purpose
  • From Stuck to Shine
  • Pitfalls of Entrepreneurship
  • Walking in Power & Love 
  • Identifying and Breaking Generational Curses
  • The Freedom of Forgiveness
  • Dash Out With Love; Depression, Anxiety, Support & Hospitality 
  • Passions and Purpose

Featured Empowerment Session:What's On Your Plate.. 

Jayda inspires participants to replace their full plates of heaviness and negative experiences with those of positivity. The goal is of this session is to leave with fuller plates of purpose, passion and love. 


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"In just one year, Jayda has become my big Sister and Friend. She has truly been a role model and at some of my most vulnerable and lowest moments, she has been there to encourage and build me up using the Word of God. She has helped to open my eyes to who God has called me to be and has planted so many seeds into me. I can’t stop writing my vision plan! Everyday I continue adding pieces to the puzzle!" - Courtney Aiken, CEO- ShowKase Entertainment

"Jayda with her infectious smile captured the audience by being down to earth, informal and humble. She opened up with her personal stories that hooks the audience immediately. Her energy and emotion stayed high throughout, her message was simple, concrete and credible." - Sylvia Webb, On the Heels of a Woman/40 Girls and Some Shoes

"Jayda captivated us with her speech, she took us all on a journey. She encouraged everyone to live their purpose on this beautiful journey of life with love and compassion." - Darrin Swain "Women of Destination" - Bowie State University

“Jayda came to speak to the youth, in turn she spoke to the hearts of all ages in the building. Her words are powerful."  - Katrina Atkinson, Unashamed Youth Retreat, New Orleans, LA   

"When I made my transition to Atlanta from New Orleans, my network was small. Jayda reached out to me, and ever since then she has been like a second mom to me. After graduating from college, I entered an esteem Corporate Leadership Development Program. What seemed like an amazing opportunity for others was a nightmare for me. I wasn’t happy, and one of the few people who understood my reasons was Jayda. She encouraged me to step out on faith and let God order my footsteps, and after a little push from her, I did just that, and have not looked back. Just like the old saying goes, “God couldn’t be everywhere so He created mothers”… He also created Angels on Earth just as Jayda is. It’s an honor and a privilege to know her, and I wish her mountains of blessings." - Darrin Cook, Motivational Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur
"Before I met Jayda I was already a giver, meeting her showed me I had to turn my game up. Jayda motivated me to turn it up and do more for the kingdom!! She is my sister, my mother, my friend!!! Jayda, you are my family and I love you!!!" - Jason Negron, Kingdom Contractor, Philanthropist, Artist, Actor
"There are people that enter into your life and you wonder their purpose for being there. Jayda is one that has entered my life and immediately I knew why. Her spirit is one of an angel. She is giving and loving to all; husband, children, family, friends and strangers. No situation is above or beneath her. Whether you’re a celebrity or homeless she loves you equally. I love her as a friend, business consultant and spiritual warrior. Jayda you are truly a beautiful person."  - Sylvia Webb, founder of 40 Girls and Some Shoes

"A few words come to mind when the name “Jayda Atkinson” is mentioned: Mother, Friend, Independent, Dependable, Charismatic, Loving, Caring, Loyal, Fun, Survivor -However, the words that stand out the most when I hear that name is “Child of God”. Jayda was put in our lives for reason, and not just for a season. One thing I know is that when someone genuine comes into your life, you cherish that person greatly. Jayda treats everyone she encounters with true love and respect.  She has guided and stood by so many people throughout the years. Well some would ask how would I know being that I have only known Jayda for about three years now. Who would have ever thought the “Who Dat” Queen from New Orleans would have such a huge impact on my life. I met Jayda through a mutual friend and I had always heard so much about how much she gave back to her community so I wanted to help and get involved. As the years would pass, this humble individual would inspire me.  

When I was faced with some difficult and life-changing trials she gave me strength and hope.  She made me see light and strength within me to keep going and not give up. She continued to pray for my child and me regardless if I called and asked for it.  I remember receiving a text from her one morning out of the blue and it read: “ Please, Please, Please find the strength to find praise over flesh. You are more blessed than you know. You don’t want to offend God. These are the type of messages and prayers that made me want to do better and learn how to have true faith. She encouraged me to start my non-profit regardless of how long it would take. Jayda has always allowed me to network in her surroundings and motivated me to step outside the box and try new things. It is because of Jayda that I can say that I am in the process of having a non-profit organization raising awareness and supporting families dealing with pre-mature births. I am so glad that Jayda decided to start a business helping others live to their fullest potential."  - Tocoa Gammage-Robinson, Torie's Storie Foundation
"When I first met Jayda, I saw so much strength and inspiration in her, I asked her about basically doing a fashion show for military Widows. She gave me one look and said, no I see so much more in you, I explained to her my story briefly about being a military widow -I can remember till this day what she said  “God just gave me a idea for you, (Sister and Widow)” I did not take the name but I took her inspiration and encouragement, I formed an organization that reached out to so many families. Because of Jayda’s heartfelt words it helped push me to reach my goals, She even inspired me to write a book.
When Jayda hears a word from the Lord that she feels will encourage you and put you in the right direction she does not hesitate to call you and tell you. She always told me.. I cannot do the work for you but I can give you the advice that will lead you in right direction. …She has done just that and so much more.. I look at Jayda as being a gift of wisdom sent from God to inspire those who see a dream but can’t wake up (move) in the right direction … Jayda Divva Atkinson is TRUTH !!!!!

“First I would like to say that the best move that you can make for your life if you want a change is to consult with Jayda Atkinson. Her warm and caring spirit alone will motivate you to pursue your dreams. She truly wants the best for your life and will do anything to make sure that you reach your goals mentally, physically and emotionally. Jayda has endured trials and tribulations that have allowed her to be understanding and responsive, not judgmental and ineffective. She has a genuine love for all things beautiful, which is everyone and everything that she encounters. I know that she will help you just as she has helped me, welcome to your new life”. - YOLANDA GIBSON – Author, Celebrity Inspired Inspirations & Atlanta Hairstyles & Music Examiner
"You are such a CLASS ACT mama…. I love the way you make things just HAPPEN! I just want you to know how much you inspire me by just being a positive force in this world…  Your posts always speak to me at the right time. Keep on blessings others. God is always on point. I am so proud of YOU! You were called to help others live their purpose!" – Crystal Rice Paulk – Rent Ready Professional Management LLC