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Vision Board Brunch!!

See the life you want!!! 

Hola my love!! I hope that you are as excited and thankful to see another year as I am! The New Year is a time of refreshment, refocus and renewal. I strongly believe in encouraging and supporting others in attaining their goals, visions and dreams. I believe in it so much, that I'm hosting a Vision Board Brunch. 

If you’ve never done a vision board or attended a vision board gathering, you are in for a treat. This will be a very informal, inspiring, and motivational fun time! The greatest thing about creating a vision board is that…I know it WORKS! I have seen dreams leap off the board into my life many times before. 

I'm a huge advocate of "Write the vision, make it plain"! Let's write our stories together on January 10th. We will all leave empowered and ready to take on 2016 with a bang, sparkling and shining!

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