When family is your enemy, want to see you fail, talks about you like a dog -how do you move from that without treating them like a stranger in the street?

Love them, pray for them and focus on your purpose. It’s okay to distance yourself while praying for God to open and soften their heart. Growing into your purpose in a toxic environment is almost impossible for anyone, especially if it’s family causing the hurt and pain.

There’s a scripture in the bible where Jesus said, “follow me and let the dead bury their own dead” – Matthew 8:22 this scripture speaks volumes to me. When the spirit is not lined up with the spirit of God it’s dead, purposeless. This causes individuals to constantly hurt others because the spirit of the Lord is vacant.

The only thing you can do is follow Jesus, pray for them and keep it moving. Trying to fix it on your own, staying in the situation and crying victim is opposite of your purpose. There are no victims in Christ only Victors! Receive and believe this for yourself and your family.