What's in your cookie?

I returned home from an amazing two week assignment in the U.K. with the amazing and most talented artist Neyo... On the plane back to the states fortune cookies were heavily on my mind, so I was not shocked to arrive home to find not only a random fortune cookie in my kitchen, but two loose "fortunes" in two different areas of the house. Add-I haven't ordered take out in months! 

The fortunes read "A small gift can bring joy to the whole family" and "You discover treasures where others see nothing unusual". Wow!! First of all, my entire life is based on seeing the beauty and treasures in everything, and trust me when I say gift's were flowing contagiously during this trip. The contagiousness started years ago with Neyo recognizing his gifts early and being obedient to the voice inside that continues to bless his family both biologically and beyond.

Two of my favorite scriptures states, "your gift will open doors for you" and "all things work together for good".. Everyday we have an opportunity to stand at the door that our gift opens and walk through it. Had I not been walking through doors, I would not have had the blessed opportunity to meet so many beautiful people on this trip, people from all different cultures, social statuses, religious belief's and more. Had I not believed that goodness would come from this trip, I would have declined the assignment based on all of the things I had going on in the U.S., had I not believed that all things work together for good -I would have missed out on so many beautiful treasures that this trip presented.

Bringing it back to the fortune cookie, it is my prayer that every heart I connected with felt the beautiful spiritual fortune cookie experiences, and that they all captured the beauty, the treasures in every encounter and every moment.

Affirmation: My gifts opens doors for me that travel across great nations! 

*Thanks Mikiko for this candid picture, neither one of us knew how fitting it would be for the message. (Smile)