What curly fries reminded me...

During the wee wondrous of the night in route to New Orleans in effort to bring an ounce of joy to a family dealing with lost, Cancer announcement and two new editions to the family I made a pit stop for gas and curly fries. 

A long line of agitated hungry customers leads to my encounter with one of the only two employees burning the midnight oil for Arby's..  

Being my usual self my change came hand in hand with "thank you for you energy, for asking me how I was doing, for smiling despite the long line.. " 

My response my pleasure, this is how an encounter is supposed to be followed with a heart of gratitude and being used in the moment. I could have been consumed in my issues, I mean I do have a valid excuse to do so with my family preparing to bury my cousin on Saturday and my uncle preparing for rapid chemo to attack a rapid attack of cancer on his body. Instead I choose to share my spirit and not my circumstances. 

Curly fries reminded me to always be present in the moment, during every encounter, because someone needs me and maybe need to teach me something.