What can I, a God fearing woman do to stop allowing myself to fall victim to not so God fearing men?

First you have to know who you are in Christ. Knowing that He created you with a beautiful purpose. Then going in every relationship prayerful asking God is he a God fearing man. Knowing to set boundaries in dating, men only go as far as we allow them. Get to know the spirit man before getting to know any other part of him.

Ask him on the first encounter “are you God fearing, what is your time alone with God.” If he can’t answer those two questions genuinely, stop right there. If he answered those two and your feel comfortable moving forward, enjoy the dating process, keeping God in it. Praying together over meals, introducing prayer time with each other. Let the spirit lead you. If you can’t pray with him there’s no need to build something outside of God. Keep it moving! Your Boaz is out there! Trust God.