What all you have been through, Hurricane Katrina, your ex-husband, your son being incarcerated how do you manage to smile and keep the faith?

I have kept and keep the faith because of what I have seen God do in my life many times before. I think of Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath, the process of trying to find myself and rebuild, being homeless not once but three times after, I can say that He had my back through it all. I learned a lot during those times, most importantly I found who I was in Him.

My marriage taught me patience, long-suffering and how to love despite how I felt after an argument, after dealing with infidelity, trying to figure one another out and more. My marriage taught me so much; I think it was ground zero for my mission of unconditional love.

My son was arrested during a time in our life you would least expect. He had everything he needed, a car, a job, shelter, food and no responsibilities to say the least. Yet despite all he had I had a feeling for 7 months that something was going on with him. The day he went to jail, I had no idea what happened, I just felt a peace that he was okay and I would not be burying him. I knew God had him and whatever the purpose was it would be revealed.

Those events showed me that I had finally understood the scripture “and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus”-Philippians 4:7 because I had finally felt this amazing peace.