Walking in faith...

It's so easy to walk "by" faith, it's the walking in "it" when things start to get complicated. In the beginning of a day, a project, an assignment, a relationship, a career change, a move, a business venture -I'm guessing you get the picture by now-, things are so clear, you're pumped and motivated ready to take life on by the horns! Based on the fact that you can't see as clear as when you first started walking things can get a little rocky, what happens or can happen then?. I can say from experience sometimes you fall, sometimes you feel like your sinking, sometimes you start to wonder and doubt yourself on why you started this walk in the first place. I tell you this, being on the verge of sinking is not the time to doubt your faith, it's actual the time to reverse fear or doubt with action, you need to apply more pressure to your circumstance(s) like applying a bandage to a bleeding wound.

Be like Ruth and have faith that in the midst of not having much of anything, while caring for others, something will shake for you, even if it's unconventional, because that's the type of deliverance God provides, be like Job and have faith even in the midst of being left for dead, lied on, accused and sent to prison, assured, knowing and believing that God has the final say, or be like Ester and have courage to speak and make moves despite the fear of being rejected, knowing that God created you for a great purpose and plan.

The same God who was there for Ruth, Job and Ester and many countless others is also here for you. You might not see it right now, but you were created to walk on water. Miracles and favor are waiting on you to believe they're out there. 

Sending you love, light and lagniappe.        

Jayda 💛 


 My vieux from lakefront.. 

My vieux from lakefront..