Unconditional Conversation

My high vieuxs of the day came from engaging in conversations.

1. "My last share moment"  was the title of my email to my dear love Kaira Akita. I realized between our moments of back and forwardness of in-dept conversation of wisdom, wit and wow moments that this year has been a year of purposeful conversations that I am truly grateful for.  

2. While in the kitchen baking I took a step outside to stir my ingredients and take in the vieux of a rare warm winter day and was beautifully interrupted by Vaj (my daughter) stating that as she watched me in action she was reminded of a Hallmark movie. When I mentioned I was baking cakes for our neighbors as New Year's gestures she happily shouted "See!!! Hallmark movie!" 

3. A few moments after Vaj's beautiful interruption my son (Lovelle/Noodle) came to tell me 1) when he makes it to the pros I don't have to do anything anymore, that he was going to take care of my every need. He told me that I could still take my spiritual trips but work for me was out. 2) that he realized that it's time for him to become more mature and that 15 years of age is not far from going to the pros, so he's about add this mental preparation to the physical preparation he's already doing. 

4. When it's time to 'wind down" my phone rings and it's my brother/friend/men-tee Darryl. It was kind of late for him so I knew this would not be "normal" call.........two hours later our chat ends and I'm left thanking God for being used as a vessel, an ear, a heart of compassion to be there for someone in their time of need. Sometimes people just want to be heard, they want to hear that they matter. 

Today I am grateful for unconditional communication. I'm grateful for the ability to see the beauty in every vieux.