Salmon Burger

I had a craving for a salmon sandwich, utilizing the items I had in my freezer & pantry I found happiness in less than 30 minutes.

Taking the salmon I had in my freezer which took all of 8 minutes to thaw out -I drenched the salmon in a hot sauce & buttermilk bath, followed by a coating of seasoned flour..

I'm good at staying away from fried foods, so the moments I do indulge, I INDULGE.. I fried the salmon and sweet potatoes to a crisp..

The meal started as fried salmon on a wheat bun dressed with sun dried tomato pesto, dill relish & romaine lettuce.. Midway in I realized I didn't really have a taste for the bread anymore.. So I ditched the bread & enjoyed the succulent spicy fried salmon wrapped in romaine lettuce.. The salmon was so tender & juicy.... I got a little selfish & didn't want to share the love with the bread anymore.. I couldn't have the bread soaking up all those flavors any longer.. This burger is so easy to make.. I hope you enjoy it.