Recognizing your podium...

First allow me to put out a "disclaimer" beore I go any further... I recognize that I have a natural high/hype'ness situation going on in my life and it ain't for everybody.... I also understand that everyone is not a morning person -BUT - if you work the am shift in a coffee shop you should at least try to have a little pep in your step. 

This morning I had to bring the caffeine to the coffee shop.. Let's be clear, it was an honor to offer the barista a little sunshine into her morning but it made me think.. I meet people all the time wanting to do more in the world, they have a desire to inspire and motivate others.... Could a coffee shop be a place (platform/podium) to be that in the world? Heck yeah!! Everywhere our feet hits the ground serves as a place to display our purpose and let our light shine.

It's my prayer today that more hearts will recognize who they are and the opportunity they have to serve a purpose of light and love into the hearts of someone else. 

It doesn't matter if you're in a coffee shop or on the back of a garbage truck, pay attention to your podium, it might just save someone's life.