Beauty blooms in the midst of it all.

There's always that one employee at your favorite store/eatery that carries a spirit that makes you want to put them paws on him/her... Yet, there's this one employee at the very same location who puts a smile on your face every time you see them. You want the best for him/her.

Then there's the one boss/co-worker(s) that makes you want to never work a job again in the quest to not end up in prison. La Scruge just wake up mad with themselves and the world. Gratefully there's the boss/co-worker(s) you meet and build life long relationships outside of the job.

And we can't forget about the mate(s) who has one mission in life and that is to break and tarnish hearts. You loved Brad. You thought you'd never get over Brad (Sorry not sorry I love that commercial). But Glory to God someone was created to come along to show you what the opposite of what Brad (Bradoneisha) looks like. They just want to love on you and be loved.

I said all that to say, after thinking, meditating and praying on the state of our nation, there's good on the other side of bad, there's love on the other side of hate. Tomorrow's a new day, the start of a new week, in the midst of sorrow seek how you can share a little goodness & love. It's already in you. Sending positive vibes of love, light and lagniappe to every eye reading this who has the heart to receive. With love, Jayda 💛