Pen pals & love.


I'm in tears right now!! I had been writing Mrs. Billie (my pen pal/inspiration/angel I met at the airport in Newport Beach in 2009) with no response. I had been looking for her number for over a year because she wasn't returning my letters. Around thanksgiving I asked my friend Rashaunda if she could pass by her house since they both live in Ohio to see if someone would give her an update on her and her husband to no avail..... Well today I found the a letter with her phone number. 

She shared with me Mr. Bob passed away in November. To hear her strength, to hear her talk about their life together blessed me just as the day I met her!!!  She had a few surgeries and is in recovery right now, she said "Jayda remember when you were little the cartoon character would say I think I can I think I can? Well I know I can I know I can! I'm one tough birdie. Life isn't what I would want it to be but I got to live it to the fullest". 

The conversation, to hear her voice, to hear her joy! She said "is this who I think it is?! I have to sit down for this joy"! Just blessed!! Having her in my life reminds me of so much; live and love without borders, love with no conditions, it's okay to talk to strangers, handwritten letters are still cool!! 

Love y'all I had to share this joy moment!!