Our Impact

Impact - have a strong effect on someone or something.

I do this all the time but this morning I felt the need to share especially with what's going on in the world today.  I was out taking a walk this am when three black teenage boys walked alongside me. One had on headphones quoting rap lyrics "all black with all black something something" while the other two sang along.. 

This pulled my heartstrings to interrupt their session and ask had they said their prayers this morning. With a stunning look on their faces, each of them replied "no".  I had to let them how much prayer is needed in their lives. I told them nothing's wrong with listening to their music BUT seek God first. These streets are too rough to walk alone.  

I told them how much I loved them and pray for the best in their lives.  It was a conversation of love. They walked away smiling, instead of thoughts of who that lady think she is. 

We all have a purpose of impact. Today be that impact.. Look for the opportunity to be an impact. Cover the children of your community in prayer. They need you. God needs you. 

Love you all to Peace(s)!! 

Gods continued blessings to each and everyone of you!