New Orleans Fun Facts


  •  It’s pronounced New Or-linz, not Nawlins, New Orleenz, not New Orlee-ans, say it with me New Or-linz.
  • Unlike most states who use counties to further divide themselves, Louisiana uses parishes. Louisiana has 64 Parishes. Orleans Parish identifies it's famous city New Orleans.
  • According to the National Register, New Orleans has no less than 20 historic districts, more than other cities in the US.
  • The "Superdome" really is a huge shaped dome, and it's home to more than football, you can find an event on the calendar throughout the year.  
  •   You really can walk around outside while sipping a real, grownup, alcoholic drink. I wouldn't advise anyone to drink and drive, oh and New Orleans has taxis, Uber, Lyft services and RTA to pick you up after a night out on the town. 
  • Frenchman Street is the grownup jazzy version of Bourbon Street. Take the few extra steps to experience it. 
  • New Orleans is often called the “Crescent City” because of the distinctive curve of the Mississippi River that runs right through it.
  • The Saint Charles streetcar is one of the country’s only mobile national monuments. You can also add the newly added streetcar routes; Canal Street, Rampart Street and The River to your to do list. 
  • Louisiana is home to tons of beaches, Grand Isle is the most popular beach destination from New Orleans. Cypremort Point Beach, Holly Beach, North Beach, Fontainebleau State Park, North Beach, and Shell Beach are all popular destinations. Grab your sunscreen and get ready to sink your toes in the sand while basking in Louisiana's beautiful weather.
  • We're known for having our own language, please know that's if you think our english is wrong, you're just not right. 
  • We celebrate everything, so come join us! 
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