My Faith Encounter

When I received the call requesting my services for Faith Evan’s private birthday party I was elated. No, she was not on my dream client list, it was more like I was getting a chance to meet the sister/friend in my head who was there for me countless times in the 90’s -through the good and bad times her music was there. 

It was an honor to create the “Celebrating Faith & Love..” affair.


My "moment" came when she whispered in my ear “please hide me some of that bomb pasta salad!?! 

I’m grateful for Tracey my friend and owner of TLC Divine Designs for creating the beautiful gift basket (last minute at that-she's some kind of awesome!).

Ending the night being invited to celebrate and play board games with the hummingbirds you have enjoyed over the years is one night of serving I’ll never forget.

Faith Feta Salad

1 box bow-tie pasta (boil, drain, set aside to cool)

2 teaspoons cajun seasoning

4 cups diced roma tomatoes

3/4 cup banana peppers

¾ cup black olives

2 cups boiled shrimp

1 cup feta  (crumbled)

2 cups greek salad dressing

Mix all ingredients together. Best Served Chilled.