Monday's Motivation!

Some people hate Mondays well um because the weekends over, while others are hating today because of reality is setting in that a loved one is gone.. So sorry to hear that Terri has transitioned, such a beautiful young soul who was always smiling. Today if you can't do anything else, try your hardest to not complain about anything. Go on a gratitude fast for the day, I promise you that your list will be long when you pay attention to all things. Number one on your list... You Are Breathing! Yay!! You made it! Everyday is a good day, everyday is a day to start over, be great and live your purpose. Remember the ones who are dying at home, in the hospital/hospice or having their lives snatched away via senseless crimes don't have that opportunity. Today choose life and not just live. Love you all so much! Rejoice In Paradise Terri. Praying for every heart grieving today.