Love Remains

In the beginning of 2007 I started to hear God whispering to me…, Love, LOVE.  Every year the whispers would get louder. Through ups and downs I embarked on a journey of sharing my love with others. In June of 2007 I held my first party “celebrating my birthday with the homeless and less fortunate”.  By the end of 2012 I started the phase of launching Creative Consulting and Jayda’s Love Collection; love themed clothing, jewelry, stationery, gifts and more.

In the process of checking inventory and preparing for the launch the doorbell rings. To my surprise it’s a package all the way from London sent by my dear  friend Lisa. It was a “package of love” with words of inspiration that I still hold near and dear to my heart today. Lisa’s encouragement and just getting me spoke volumes.  It’s a strong spiritual connection a world apart.

A few weeks later on the weekend of Valentines  2013,  I hosted a “soft launch” prior to leaving for a two week vacation in Spain with my friend Kamala. The launch was a huge success, the venue was packed -standing room only. I sold out everything, and everyone in the room left inspired, all of us did!

Half way through......

I returned from Spain excited and ready to hit the pavement only to come back in the middle of fighting for my marriage, an 8 month fight, which felt like 8 years. There I was “Ms. Love’ being attacked in the area of love, of course I questioned my purpose, especially when I didn't have time to focus on anything but the fight. Instead of promoting the Love Collection or the consulting agency, I fast and prayed, fast and prayed, I wanted to make sure that no matter what happened I still would walk in love. Love for me is imperative, if the relationship was over I did not want to pack bitterness, hate or regret with my belongings.

I'm so thankful that the breakup did not make me bitter, in fact it made me better. Today, I called my ex-husband just to say thank you, being with him played a vital role in learning and walking in true compassion - true unconditional love - true forgiveness - true love. For this I’m grateful.

7 years later the blessing of this gift of love has started to blossom like never before. The blooming started during the summer in Beverly Hills. Kaira Akita saw, called out and poured into what she saw in me. She devoted time and love in creating a platform for others to see it.  I am forever grateful to you Kaira - for all of you across the board - creative director, visionary, producer and FRIEND.

Kawanda, Dashan & Maranda thank you soooooooo much for joining me in California. Your presence brought out a energy that was needed. Mentally doing the “Color Purple” clap in my head - we will never part. I Love you! BE More Media thank you for your love and light capturing it all and allowing me to be “me” while doing so.

Fast forward today, December 18, the last month of the “7”,  in the midst of getting things ready for the relaunch of Jayda’s Love Collection I receive a call from Tierra Destiny, the Purpose Guru herself. (If she sees something in you, she will call that thing out UNTIL it manifest.) She was inviting me to be apart of an amazing purpose project she is embarking on.  She was speaking into my ministry of love (as she did in such a powerful way a few months ago in San Antonio, that moment "when HE speaks calls for separate post -to come) and how it would tie into the project when my doorbell rung.

It was mail lady delivering a package of love from my sister in love Lisa.

She had no idea she just gets it. Thank you Lisa. I love you!

I am so grateful! I am love. Love remains...

**********While flowing on purpose with purpose in California in the middle of filming this song comes on. On assignment - looking fly - fighting tears. Sheeba Alam is the anointed powerhouse behind this beautiful song. Both her and the song blessed me on June 14, 2014 and both her and the song is blessing me today. With tears streaming down my face, my life and every moment of it is my love song. I’m thankful and I look forward to the melodies to come.