Joy against the odds!

"The ordinary meets the extraordinary every single day." -Bradley Cooper in the movie Joy.

Last night was my first time watching the Golden Globe awards -I know I know, no I haven't been under a rock.

After seeing Jennifer Lawrence win her award for her role in the movie Joy I was intrigued to see it. I figure hey I'm home early I might as well enjoy a good girly "comedy". I was really ready for a comedy based on the lineup of her components.

When I tell you Joy is one of the most motivating movies I've seen in a while, well not that much of a while being Creed was powerful as well.

Anyhoo, Joy highlights every circumstance in life that a "dreamer, creative, purpose chaser, visionary" has to go through. It's a boost of encouragement to keep pushing for sure.

One thing for certain that I really took away was the power of paying attention and being present. If you pay attention to me I'm always talking about synchronicity well there's a part in the movie where a powerful synchronict <if that's a word < happened and I was shouting. I won't tell the story as bad as I want to.

I'm sorry, I know I'm rambling but I had to share this with you loves on this Motivational Monday. I don't care if you never watch the movie one thing I beg of you is to keep pressing. Your dream(s) is your dream(s)! Don't accept anything other than what you know to be yours! Life and Death is in the power of the tongue, speak LIFE into your purpose. Love y'all to peace (s)! No Limits!!!