Is there such a thing as true love?

Yes, of course -God is love, we were created to love! True love is all around us.  I recently received a letter from my 70-year-old friend Billie. Every time I get a letter from her I get excited because I know I’m about to experience a true love story. She wrote about her husband of 50 years losing all of his memory to dementia. In the same paragraph she stated she prays that God will give her the strength to take care of him like he has taken care of her for the last 50 years. She wrote “we made a vow to love one another with everything in us till death do us part. As long as I’m breathing I’m going to do that and hold on to the beautiful memories of the love of my life”. Billie is proof that true love in the flesh is real and God is proof that love lives in Him, love lives in you and me.