Ireland showers of love.....

Four leaf clovers, Irish men and Gods beauty! I didn't need to wait until St. Patricks day to get "lucky", I hopped on a flight with my dear friend Sylvia and 7 hours later Gods beauty was within my reach… This was one of the most amazing places I've traveled, pure natural beauty. 

I had the pleasure at lodging at the beautiful Absolute Hotel. The canal and neighboring views of rustic buildings were a bonus in this modern gem. The staff were very friendly and professional, they arranged a driver/tour guide for us who by the way was amazing and knew his history and facts in which he shared plenty.

he most breathtaking moment of our ride through this beautiful place was the Cliffs of Moher. Pulling up this to historic masterpiece without knowing  the outcome one would think they were driving up to a former medieval site prepared to tour castles or something of that nature.

After our breathtaking tour we headed to the Locke Bar and Oyster to have a traditional Irish dinner. I enjoyed the Fillet of Hake with lemon butter sauce and chive mash. I tried other local favorites sent to the table from locals, I was busy entertaining and meeting locals I didn't get any pictures but everything I tried was delicious.

I had an amazing time and was reminded of love in such a beautiful way! The sprinkles of rain didn't bother me one pit, Ireland has loads of Gods beauty no filter. It's a place to plan to visit and experience for yourself if you have not.