I don’t know if you can answer this, but how do you forgive someone who violated you.

....It’s easier to forgive people for doing little things but as far as a rape how do you try to press forward and actually forgive it? I still haven’t forgiven him and I think it’s something I would never be able to do.



From a personal standpoint you are correct I cannot relate to your answer but from a spiritual standpoint and being a mentor to a number of young women who have been sexually and physically abused and seeing their breakthrough I know that forgiveness is possible. You have to want the freedom; you have to want the peace in your life. I can almost guarantee that the person who hurt you does not give the violation placed on you a second thought.

I pray you know and believe that you are beautiful and loved, know that the rape was NOT your fault. Satan “tried” to take you down because of the great purpose in your life; the fact that you are still here is a reminder of the purpose. Know that God does not sleep or slumber, vengeance is His, and He will perfect everything that concerns you. Knowing this I pray you will live on this promise, get some professional counseling if needed and pray for the release of this heavy burden.

There’s a greater purpose waiting, there’s a young lady without the courage to even ask a question such as this or the courage to admit a rape has happened waiting for you, it’s your strength that will save her.