How do you love so hard and make it seem so easy?

I have always loved everybody, but the burning desire to love hard came after Hurricane Katrina. Prior to Katrina I was a mess! All over the place; looking for the wrong kind of love in all the wrong places. I would seek revenge on anyone who hurt me. I operated on the fact that because I loved hard and unconditionally everyone “owed” me the same fate.

It was not until one fateful day I was walking the streets of Detroit right after the hurricane this guy walked up to me and handed me a cd. The cd was a mix-tape of gospel artist; this cd was a huge blessing! Mind you, I was introduced to the Lord when I was 5 years old, I had been going to church all my life, but something about this cd changed the way I felt inside. Listening to Martha Munizzi’s “I was created to make your praise glorious” broke me down in a good way.

I felt as if I was weeping in the arms of God. I felt a love like I had never felt before. It was a love encounter that came with a guarantee that I never had to look for or demand to be loved from anyone one else. Here I was safe, fed, and sheltered while many others back home were still trying to find refuge. God showed me how much He loved me after all the years of walking out of my purpose and running from Him – I knew then I could, correction I had to offer the same to others. It became my mission.