Have you ever dealt with infidelity in a relationship and if so how did you forgive and learn to love that person again?

Yes I have many, many, many times. Prior to my marriage my answer for infidelity was to join them or leave them at a drop of a dime. “You cheat on me I’m cheating on you or you cheat on me peace I’m out” It wasn’t until I developed a stronger relationship with God my attitude changed.

My ex-husband’s infidelity taught me patience, long suffering, forgiveness and unconditional love. I realized once I saw this patterned behavior that it wasn’t the fact that he didn’t love me, the poor man didn’t know how to love neither one of us. He was searching for something he lost during his childhood.  I soon learned this was not my battle and getting and staying upset was unhealthy and useless on behalf. Forgiving him was very detrimental in me moving forward with peace and still being able to love and respect him from a distance.