Gratitude is Intentional!

Wow, 7/7/17!! Repeat this amazing day as fast as you can, talk about tongue twister of a blessing! 2017!, many thought we as a society, a world, would not make it past 1999!, but here we are! It goes to show you as smart as many scientist, historians and explorers are, man CANNOT dictate the time or day this earth will vanish.

As I prepare for a week of prosperity across the board, I cannot help but to give gratitude to the blessings over my life, such as being able to not only play 45 minutes of tennis with my daughter, but also having the strength and push to practice 30 minutes of yoga afterwards. My body has been feeling the neglect of not working out, so I'm extremely thankful for the strength and endurance. 

I'm thankful for the opportunity to share my journey with strangers, uplifting them by sharing triumph. 

I'm thankful for something as simple to many, but a blessing to me, having gas in my car to get my children to and from their orthodontist appointment, many aren't blessed with gas money, a car or even bus fare for that matter. 

I'm grateful for Robert's hardworking hands and gifts, I'm thankful for his impromptu teachings, through watching him, the children and myself have witnessed first hand the example of leadership, hard work ethics, getting things done and doing what it takes to be a leader of our household. I owe him the world, just for being him.

I'm beyond grateful for seeing God work in Diana's life, for her to drive four hours in her own car to pick up Noodle after trying for what seems like a lifetime to get a driver's license, let alone her own car, is nothing but the favor of God, such a beautiful site to see. 

Hearing joy in my mom's voice as she's on a new journey, receiving picture from my dad enjoying his first time in New York, it's nothing like seeing and witnessing your parents happiness. 

Conversations with friends, via text, social media or phone is always a blessing, so many are lonely, I do not take those relationships for granted. 

Today reminded me that as we walk through this life journey to not fail to talk to strANGELS, sparks happen when we do. 

I'm blessed and grateful for the platform of social media, it gives me the opportunity to be a much needed light in a world when so many like and share darkness. 

What are you grateful for? Write them down, see the beauty of gratitude written out, it's very therapeutic as it also gives you the desire to search for more beauty and blessings in your every day life.