Go Girls Go!!!

Today I had an opportunity to speak at a Health Fair on Healthy Life Choices presented by Mrs. Anderson of Panola Way Elementary in Lithonia, GA. The health fair was titled "Go Girl Go"!

The 4th and 5th grades girls were treated to a wealth of information with discussions based on "Healthy Eating, Leaders for Life, Healthy Choices, Fashion Forward and Healthy Movement". I was blessed to share the panel with four phenomenal women (Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Cogdell and Ms. Castle) whose words spoke to me as if I was one of the students as well. 

In the midst of the bunch one cutie  walked up to let me know she was from New Orleans...WHO DAT!!!  


Then I meet my two namesakes Jayda 1 & 2.... My mini me's!!! 

Standing in the  gym being bombarded with love from the girls  took me down memory lane  -we didn't have programs like "Go Girls Go" back then, but we had teachers and staff like the ladies I had the pleasure to be alongside in this mission of empowering our girls to be great. The journey and memories of my elementary school "Henry W Allen Elementary" play a huge part of who I am today. The programs and leaders of this generation are doing an awesome job doing their purpose work to help shape our future great leaders of tomorrow, I'm honored to have been apart of what happened today. Gratitude and Love to the staff at Panola Way Elementary, Mrs. Anderson for having me and Ms. Castle for your obedience in recommending me. In my vieux you all are family now! I look forward to returning sooner than later!! GO GIRLS GO!!!