Giving back advice

I need your advice ma'am. You spoke at a networking event at the beginning of the year and you moved me. I'm trying to start a non-profit against domestic violence,being a previous victim it's very close to my heart. There is a shelter I've been working with but want to help more.I absolutely love cooking and cook for my family all the time and even work the kitchen at church. I know you have fed numerous people in need. How do you fund this?? I would love to do a nice dinner monthly at the shelter but we have very little funds and I'm lost...look forward to hearing from you


Hi beautiful!! I hope all is well on your end and you are in the best health and spirits. First let me congratulate you and say thank you for your obedience. Many hear the call and because of fear, lack of finances or motivation they ignore the call.  Majority of my giving has been out of pocket. Over the years I have been blessed with a few supporters. One resource that has been helpful has been grocery stores. Most stores have a budget to offer anywhere from $20 - $200 a month. They usually request a 3 - 4 week notice/request ahead of time. The biggest piece of advice I would like to give you is don't give up. Keep pressing, God will make a way. I've been on this mission since 2005 and I won't stop because of lack of support. Start small and it will grow. Even if it's preparing dessert, you are still doing what you are called to do. I hope this helps. Happy New Year!!