Detox with a Dash of Bargain..

Can you believe it's the last week of 2016?! 2016 had it's fair share of ups and downs for many. In the midst of it all, beauty still showed it's beautiful face. Moving forward I want to cleanse my body and at the same give it a little something activate the goodness inside. I searched online knowing I wanted something with ginger and cayenne pepper, I could have read at 50 recipes, but it was one that grabbed my attention. I think it was more of her blog title "Nourish, Move, Love" that caught my attention, then the title "Daily Detox Lemon, Ginger and Turmeric Tea". 

I normally grab shot of ginger, lemon and cayenne from the local Wholefoods and love the effects of it, but this tea and it's immediate effect, plus the benefit of having it at my disposal for the week has me sold. 

Also, if you know me you know that I'm a believer of "ALL things work together for good", I found the good in the grocery store while picking up the items for my tea. I was one of the first patrons to enter the store when they first opened, so I was not expecting their salad bar to be freshly prepared and open for business at 7am the day after Christmas, nor was I prepared to grab anything from the salad bar, but it dawned on me passing by that almost always my fresh vegetables use for my omelets or lunch go to waste in the refrigerator. It's either I buy to much or leave out of town and return home to not so fresh spinach, kale or mushrooms. Today's Spirit Nudge also saved me some money as spent less than a buck for two days of breakfast veggies. Yeah!!!