Day 1 - 42 Days of Power

Today I started on a journey of 42 days of fasting and praying. I decided to both privately and publicly go on a multiple areas of fasting at once, talk about discipline and training -but I felt it what's I needed for growth mentally, physically and spiritually. I'm going all out on this one, I need to hear clearly from God on somethings, I need to grow in wisdom, the area of focus and more. Publicly i'm giving up procrastination in various area of my life, working out is one major one, and finishing projects I start. I feel good and excited about this season in my life and know the POWER of Fasting and  Praying can help achieve my goals. 

In part of my discipline I will be uploading videos of the journey, so if you're watching cheer me on, pray for my good and if you're fasting I'm doing the same for you!