Christians are told that it’s okay to have doubts. I’m not very religious but I do want to believe in God.

.........How did you come to fully believe? When did he show himself to you, so that you knew he was real?


I think with doubt comes confusion, comes the feeling of being alone and on your own. Without a doubt I truly believe that Gods presence is real.

I could go on and on sharing the many encounters where I have felt His presence. I have been in situations where bullets were intentionally aimed at me and I know like I know that God was there in the midst, no graze, not a scratch, nothing. After one of the shootings I found a bullet logged into my trunk –that could have been me.

I look back at my crazy wild life; I can’t keep count of the funerals of close friends who were either murdered or have died from AIDS. These are friends who I grew up, ran the streets with. It was God who saved me, it is God who wants to use me and I pray that you will believe and come to know Him for yourself and lose any doubt that He is not here. He’s here and He loves you.