A Black Man's Prayer...

Only God would allow to wake up with "gifts" on my spirit and go bed with the same thoughts - Amplified! Tonight, my beautiful prayer partner Bayou shared a poem she penned in December 2013, that's so relevant today. The words are so anointed and angelic, I had to ask to share. Talk about gifts! It's my prayer that her gift opens doors for God  to use her, her thoughts, her words to free millions out of bondage. Thanks Bayou for sharing your gifts! You are truly walking in your purpose. 

Enjoy loves!! 

Father, it's really hard being a BLACK MAN in this world.
My plate is overflowing and to think of it getting any better, I must be absurd!
My ancestors were free from slavery for over one hundred years,
Yet my body aches and this oppression we're in brings me to tears.
How did I get here? What and where did I go wrong?
Father is it a sin to ask...."How long?"
My past, I no longer want to remember.
I just want my life to be simple.
A productive man is who I am.
A provider is what I want to be again.
My thoughts have become perplexed and I'm at my wits end.
Your WORD tells me to trust, but I need more than that to defend.
Bills, debt, obligations, need I say more!
When will light appear and lead me to that open door?

My son,
I hear your plead and feel your pain,
Your shortcomings will soon become your gain.
My WORD is true and you must believe.
Have FAITH, PATIENCE, CONFIDENCE  and I assure you will receive.
I AM THAT I AM and what I have, I have already placed inside you.
Your gift of discernment will guide and see you through.
Listen to my STILL voice and make choices that aligns with my WORD.
Trust your spirit-man, because it's who you are.
Feed it, nourish it, for it has guided you thus far.
A BLACK MAN is who I intended you to be.
I created you In MY IMAGE- can't you see?
Your dreams will soon become a reality.
Remember to write your vision and make it plain.
Confess your claim, only using My Son's name.
Part of your destiny is in front of you,
Be careful not to push IT away.
Meditate, confess and continue to pray.
Challenges and barriers will still come.
Remember my Grace is sufficient and your HARVEST has already begun.

-DDP 12/01/13