Tips for Spiritual Travel

I love travel, especially when I have the chance to travel solo. Solo travel is a time for me to reflect, be still and hear from God clearly, no distractions, no itinerary to follow.


Here are a few tips I would like to share with you if you are preparing or have thought of taking a spiritualcation. I have teens at home so first and foremost I have to make sure that everything is squared away for them; babysitter, food, spending money,etc. Then I alert my family, friends and clients that I'll be "taking off" (pun intended) for a few days. This time of stillness is so imperative it's best to clear your calender and to do list before you set on your destination. 

Everything else will come organically and natural. He knows the desires of your heart, yes, but this is a time for your to have a detailed intimate conversation with God, your time of stillness will allow you to hear Him clearly. 

I love every body of water known to man. My Spiritual travel is normally on a beach, chasing sunsets. I've learned for me being near water, hearing waves keeps me flowing. 

I find my peace in travel by being still, chasing sunsets and embracing the rising of SUN. 

There's beauty in the stillness.....