Driven by personal, organizational, and community empowerment, Jayda Atkinson’s feeding stomach and heart's ministry crosses many platforms, including television, books, speaking events, planning, entrepreneurship, and social media, she is quick to tell you that her greatest platform is inspiring and serving others with the Love of God. 

Jayda has been featured nationally on Dr. Oz, Essence Magazine, and the Tom Joyner Morning Show to name a few, and is the author of two books, ABCs: Feeding the Body and Spirit and the inspirational autobiographical The Storm Chaser.  She is the Founder and Executive Director of a non-profit organization, The Love Lives Foundation , and the Executive Chef/Founder of Fork and Boot Culinary Experiences

The mother of four and unofficial mother/mentor to many, Jayda has overcome homelessness, family drug addiction, domestic abuse, and divorce to emerge as a champion for people from all walks of life.  She is devoted to bring love, light, greatness and hope to communities around the world  - one hug, one meal, one act of kindness, one speaking opportunity and one high impact transformation at a time.  

Bio Courtesy of the Phenomenally Creative Kaira Akita





Every good and perfect gift is from above. Don’t waste them, your gifts were created to be used.
— Jayda



  • At age 16, Jayda began selling food out her house, in the NOLA style tradition. 
  • Has catered major events, weddings, and parties, including Atlanta's one year anniversary party for over 2500 Hurricane Katrina survivors sponsored by Underground Atlanta.
  • Celebrity catering for Usher, Nicki Minaj, Jasmine Guy, Faith Evans, and Real House Wives of Atlanta. 
  • Approached to participate in several reality shows including Wife Swap, Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Monster-in-Law.
  • Everywhere she goes, people around the world want to scoop Jayda up! Bishop Joseph Francis, called the Joel Osteen of England, met Jayda during her travels oversees and was insistent on giving her a royal personal tour of London. In Spain, a smitten vineyard and hotel owner wanted her to stay and become the house chef for their winery. And the folks over at high-end kitchen showroom Miele can't wait to bring Jayda to Beverly Hills, CA in 2015 to host her own cooking demos. 
  • Appeared as a guest on a segment of Dr. Oz in October 2014, where Jayda's standout personality led the producers to create a stand-alone segment around her.
  • Moved to Atlanta with her four kids after Hurricane Katrina. Although she was homeless herself, she continued to make meals for Atlanta's homeless out of her hotel room. Eventually, she even helped one homeless man, Darryl, get off the streets after 17 years of addiction and homelessness. 
  • Pet peeves: Secretly carries her own air freshener to spray in people's homes (sensitive nose) and absolutely must stop to close an opened mailbox. 
  • Favorite colors: Red, green and gold. 
  • Favorite things: Feeding others, dancing, photography, traveling and of course, all things Love.