Hola My Love! 
I'm glad you stopped by, it is my hope that you are inspired during your virtual visit and that you leave ready to share the love by inspiring someone else. This platform is a space created for to share all facets of Jayda.. Trust me, there's plenty (all good though) -with God living inside of me, I create my own happiness, food, designs, books, products, experiences for others to engage, excel and be empowered. God did not cut corners when He created me, and I DO NOT take that for granted! I feel the more creativity, the further I go, the more the chaos, but I'm thankful that I've learned to balance it all mentally, physically and spiritually, I'm grateful in knowing that all things work together for my good -my desire is to help others walk in this same peace, joy, happiness and love that surpasses all understanding.  
I hope you enjoy your visit and you stumble on something that may help you, if not don't hesitate to reach out if you're looking for something else.
Come back often, I'll keep the "Light" on..  
Wishing you positive vibes of Love, Light & Loads of Amazing Etc.!